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Home is where my heart Bicol

It has been my long time dream to be able to see the beauty of Bicol. I have heard a lot of stories about this place, more of happy memories, and there is something inside me itch to have known the people and see what is it in store for me if I go there.

I've been looking forward to reach Bicol for years... Why!? It is my Papa Mings hometown. Papa ming was born in Burabod,Bulan Sorsogon, eldest of the couple Servando and Susana Gobres.

Sorsogon is located in the Southernmost part of Luzon, Bicol province, Region IV. It can be reached by land via bus  or by plane bound to Legaspi. It is found at the tip of Peninsula and faces Samar. Road is from intersection from Trece or Sta. Teresita (tatlong lion) to the Pier.

My filed leave was approved for March 30, luckily it was after my two days rest day, since it is hard to get an approved leave in our office, I decided to take advantage of it and visit my favorite tito's in bicol.

I lined at the queue to get my ticket at around 3:00 pm a…

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